Residential Heating Repair

Your home and family should never have to encounter a failing heating system. Northern Illinois is known for our bitter cold winters. Keeping your furnace functioning is vital to your health. Three Oaks Heating and Cooling is McHenry County’s top Residential Heating Repair service and one stop source for all your heating repair needs. Our factory trained technicians can service any brand or model and get your home heating in no time. Even if we did not install it! Our service technicians can also provide routine preventative heating maintenance in order to help you avoid future breakdowns with your heating system. Call us today! (224) 558-5051


Three Oaks Heating and Cooling is based out of Carpentersville, IL. Our furnace repair service area includes the McHenry County area.


Furnace Repair Service
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Common Issues That Require Furnace Repair

If you notice immediate issues with your furnace, lets get it fixed today! It’s best to turn it off before further damage is done. Give us a call at 224-558-5051 for a quick inspection.

Thermostat Issues

Often times a thermostat can fail or the batteries can die. If this happens, your thermostat won’t properly communicate with your furnace to supply heat. This can result in a non-functioning furnace or a furnace that is not running long enough to properly heat your home.

Furnace is Running But Not Blowing Through Vents

If your furnace turns on but you receive poor air flow through your vents, there could be an issue with your fans or motors. Keep your furnace off and call a technician as soon as possible so that further damage can be avoided.

My Furnace Wont Turn On

There could be a number of reasons why your furnace wont turn on at all. This would require a thorough inspection to determine the cause and resolution.

Restricted Airflow

You’ll want to regularly check your filters. Dirty or clogged filters (especially if you have pets) can result in poor airflow and restrictions that could lead into more serious problems.

Furnace Starts but Does Not Ignite

Malfunctions happen. Usually if everything cycles correctly but will not ignite, we might need to replace your igniter. These kinds of problems can be unpredictable but are easily manageable.