Residential Air Conditioner Repair

Three Oaks Heating and Cooling is based out of Carpentersville, IL and proudly services the McHenry County area. Your central air conditioning system is a major property investment. With our hot and humid summers, there’s no time to waste with a malfunctioning air conditioner. At Three Oaks Heating and Cooling, returning your home back to your preferred comfort level is our number one priority. Three Oak’s air conditioning repair service can quickly identify the problem and get your home cooling today. We services all makes and models. There’s no job too big or too small. Schedule today! (224) 558-5051


Carpentersville’s Preferred AC Repair Service

Three Oaks Heating and Cooling is Carpentersville’s top choice for air condition repair. Our specialists are factory trained and certified. Apart from continuous training, we use state of the art diagnostic equipment and the correct tools to serve our customers better than anyone in the McHenry County area. Promptly repairing your AC is not only promised, it’s guaranteed!


Air Conditioning Repair
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If you think there’s a problem with your air conditioner, there most likely is. It’s best to turn it off before further damage is done.
Give us a call today at 224-558-5051 to get your air conditioning repaired .

AC Not Blowing Cold Air

The most obvious sign is the fact that your AC is not blowing cold enough air. This can be caused by a number of things. Common situations we find are clogged filters, thermostat issues or build up in your condenser.

I Have Hot Spots In My House

Some areas of your home are naturally warmer than others. If a room is not cooling the way it use to, you might have ventilation issues. It would be best to have your ventilation inspected for optimal air flow.

My AC Keeps Freezing

A freezing air conditioner could be caused by poor airflow or low refrigerant. Poor airflow is often caused by dirty filters or a dirty coil. Replacing your filters and cleaning the coil regularly are required maintenance tasks. Low refrigerant could be a sign of a leak. Be sure to have this inspected by one of our trained technicians.

Water Coming Out of My AC

If you have water leaking inside your home, the condensation is not draining properly from your evaporator coil. This water will continue to leak as your AC runs. You will need to have this repaired quickly to prevent extensive water damage.

Cost To Run AC Is Increasing Each Month

If the cost to run your AC keep going up, then the efficiency of your system has been compromised. Having a well maintained air conditioner will increase its efficiency to cool and by doing so will lower your monthly cost to operate.